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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?


Do I need an appointment?

While we do take appointments, they aren't always necessary.  We do piercings on a strictly walk-in basis.  Walk-ins for tattoos are on a first-come, first-serve basis depending on artist availability.  More intricate tattoo designs may require an appointment due to the time involved in preparing the design.  We do require a cash deposit in order to set an appointment.  Usually, this is $40, but may be more at the artist's discretion depending on how much work is involved in preparing the design.  The deposit will be applied to the cost of the tattoo assuming you show up for your appointment and are reasonably on time.

How do I care for my new tattoo or piercing?

Please check out our Aftercare Page for complete instructions on caring for your new tattoo or piercing.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo or piercing?

You must be at least 18 years of age to get tattooed or pierced.  However, we can tattoo or pierce persons as young as 16 years of age with notarized parental consent.  Check out our Minor Consent Form page for more information and to download the notary form.

What type of jewelry do you use for your piercings?

While the style of jewelry used will vary depending on what area is to be pierced, all of our jewelry is made of surgical grade stainless steel, which has been sterilized in an autoclave.

Is the jewelry included in the price of my piercing?

Yes. While we do have some jewelry upgrades available for a small additional fee, basic jewelry is included in the cost of the piercing.

How much do your tattoos and piercings cost?

Tattoos are priced individually by the artist.  Our shop minimum for tattoos is $60 and it goes up from there depending on size, placement, color, and detail.  Our hourly rate is $100-150 depending on the artist, style and placement.  Our piercings start at $50 with the exception of earlobes which are priced at $40 for one or $70 for both.  Our phone number can be found on our Contact Page if you'd like to request a price on a specific piercing.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

Absolutely.  We do require a deposit to set an appointment, which must be cash, but otherwise credit or debit is fine.  However, cash will be a bit cheaper as we waive our 3% shop fee for those paying cash.

Can I bring my friends with me?

We do allow ONE PERSON to accompany you back to the tattoo or piercing area, so if you'd like to bring a friend or family member with you please feel free.  If you do choose to bring someone for moral support, it is recommended that you choose someone who is actually supportive of your decision to get a tattoo or piercing. Children are discouraged as they are not allowed past the lobby and must remain accompanied by an adult.   ***THIS HAS BEEN SUSPENDED FOR THE DURATION OF THE COVID PANDEMIC.  PLEASE COME ALONE UNTIL THE PANDEMIC IS OVER***

Is your equipment sterile?

Yes, of course!  All of our needles for tattoos and piercings are single use and come individually packaged and pre-sterilized from the manufacturer with Ethylene Oxide(EO) Gas.  The rest of our equipment is sterilized in an autoclave just like at hospitals and dentist offices.  Our autoclave is spore tested for effective operation weekly in compliance with state law.

What's the deal with tipping?

While tips are certainly not required, they are always appreciated if you are happy with your new tattoo or piercing.

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